Bragging 101: Promote Yourself By Telling Stories by Cathy Goodwin

Bragging 101: Promote Yourself By Telling Stories

Build Your Standout Brand One Story At A Time


Are you being held back from building your personal brand due to the dreaded FOB = Fear of Bragging? This short program helps you understand the difference between obnoxious boasting and confidently presenting yourself to your prospective clients.  

What's included?

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Your Videos
Module 1 - What Makes You Unique
10 mins
Module 2 - Your 5-Step BRAGS Section
9 mins
Module 3 - Choose words and places to promote your brand.
9 mins
Module 4 - Use Stories To Become An Authority In Your Field
25 mins
Your Bragging 101 Manuals
Your Bragging 101 Workbook
389 KB
Surprising Ways To Brand Your Business With Stories: 4 Case Studies
Choose a story that connects with clients like a ball with a bat

Grow Your Business One Story At A Time

Discover how to solve the most common content creation challenges, give your marketing a boost, and make it more fun.